Slater Designs - 6ft Leash

    The Slater Designs/Revolwe Eco-Leash incorporates a number of unique features that have dramatically reduced its carbon footprint in comparison to other leashes on the market, including a 20% recycled content urethane cord, Yulex cuff, and 100% recycled PET bottles used to make the ankle strap, rail saver webbing, and woven labels.

    By using Yulex we have reduced CO2 emissions by 80% compared to a conventional leash cuff, and the use of post-consumer plastic lowers energy consumption by 3,000 BTUs per leash, which qualies it for Eco-Leash certication by Sustainable Surf



    The Cord 20% Recycled Urethane Content

    The Webbing 100% Recycled Post-Consumer PET-Bottles.

    The Cuff Made of Yulex®

    Stainless Steel Double Swivels

    Smart Key Pocket

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