Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Cream is a natural and organic skin cream.

    Why Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Cream?

    If we improve each part of our surfing by just one percent the sum of all the small gains would add up to an even greater improvement.  Over the long term these improvements we seek out determine our performance level.  So when we pull into a dredging barrel over a shallow reef its not a stand-alone event but the sum of all those times we chose to improve.  Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Cream increases comfort and warmth, marginal gains that contribute improvements to performance surfing.

    Wind Chill

    Wind Chill is the temperature it “feels like” outside and is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by the effects of wind, water presence and cold. As wind and wetness increases and temperature drops, the body is cooled at a faster rate causing the skin temperature to drop. Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Cream forms a thin boundary layer on your skin, resulting in less heat being carried away from the skin creating warmer skin for a longer duration.  As a protective barrier, or base layer, our cream effectively insulates your skin from the elements.  Acting like a wetsuit for your face!

    Skin Chafe

    Skin under a wetsuit is prone to chafing.  The use of petroleum-based lubricants underneath your wetsuit not only invalidates your wetsuit’s warranty but has also been shown to be bad for skin by New York dermatologist Dr Alan Dattner.  Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Cream is all natural, organic, does not degrade your wetsuit, and has been used by the underground North Atlantic surf community for many years.  Placing a layer of our cream under an area where a wetsuit rubs creates a frictionless glide surface that reduces chafing.  The anti-inflamatory and skin regenerating properties of this cream also help to heal skin abrasion.

    • Use pre surf as a wetsuit for your face: water beads off!
    • Works on your skin under a wetsuit to prevent chafing.
    • Use post surf to moisturise and soothe skin

    Cold Water

    Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Cream can be used in any water that is considered cold to touch.  However, to use the cream in very cold conditions (0 degrees and below) place a pea sized amount in the center of your palm and rub your palms together a few times until the cream becomes soft then apply.  For a short video of the application process check our instagram post here.


    The cream is popular with: surfers, open water swimmers, triathletes, canoeists, kayakers, kiteboarders, windsurfers, fishermen, surf school instructors and students, people who enjoy weather and anyone who is out standing in it!

    Effective anti-chafe alternative to petroleum based product: wont damage your wetsuit.

    SPF5 protection from the sun

    30 ml (1 OZ) tin

    Certified Organic, Natural,  Kosher and FAIR TRADE

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